SEO Specialist in Philippines

Posted in editoryal by cruela de vil on November 8, 2011

SEO Specialist in Philippines

seo specialist in philippinesAre you looking for a SEO specialist in Philippines? Hiring a SEO consultant specialist can truly help your website prosper in the internet marketing business.

There are plenty of reasons why you should hire a SEO specialist, which include the following:

  1. Constant Traffic from Target Audience – SEO is the easiest way to drive constant traffic from your target audience into your website. Compared to traditional advertising, SEO works its magic through keywords. These keywords are the exact same phrases or words that are typed in by your target audience in search engines such as Google. Thus, you are assured that your audience finds you.
  2. Cost Effective – Compared to traditional advertising, to hire a SEO specialist is cost effective. I bet you can remember purchasing expensive ad spaces in magazines and air time in radio and TV. SEO is a cheap campaign for such high exposure online.
  3. Increased Visibility – SEO can increase the amount of visitors for your website. By selecting keywords or phrases, which are associated or completely illustrate what your site’s content is about; your target audience will be able to stumble on your website faster and easier through search engines.
  4. High Return on Investment (ROI) – An effective SEO tactic can have a higher ROI. As aforementioned, SEO guarantees high conversion rates and thus increase sales and your overall profit.
  5. Measurable Results – In SEO, you can quantify the results of your effort. You can use tools such as Google Analytics and Alexa to monitor your website’s performance in search engines.

SEO campaigns can definitely drive your website to the top of search engine results in no time. Hire a SEO specialist today! Start driving traffic to your site and make money online.



Call me “Joe”

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Kahapon, habang hinihintay ko ang text ng boyfriend kong kakabangon lang sa kama (partida 3pm na), binuksan ko ang TV.  At dahil boring na oras yon, expected ko na na walang magandang palabas sa Jack TV, ETC at HBO. Wala naman kaming AXN o Star Movies. Kaya naman nagscan lang ako ng channel. Up, up. Down. Down.

Hanggang sa naagaw ang atensyon ko ng GMA News TV. The pathetic imitation of ANC. Nakalimutan ko na ang title ng palabas pero tungkol sya sa gadget review ng mga Pinoy brand cellphones: Cherry Mobile, Torque at MyPhone. Pero di yan ang topic natin. Sa commercial break kasi, ipinalabas ang teaser ng isang GMA News TV program na parang isang dokyu: What if Rizal lived today?

Teka, parang sa Word of the Lourd (TV5) ko ata unang nakita to ah?


Double Standard.

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Noong Linggo lang napagalitan nanaman ako ng Mama ko. Matigas kasi ang ulo ko. Alam ko nang magagalit sila pero ginawa ko parin. Guilty beyond reasonable doubt. Kaya naman hindi na ako lumaban pa’t sinalo ko lahat ng bullets, missiles, grenade, at iba pa. Ganyan ko kasi naririnig ang sermon ni Mama. Parang armalite na walang humpay ang ratrat. Halos memorize ko na nga ang speech niya dahil paulit-ulit lang. Kaya naman mas mainam pang hindi nalang magsalita.

Mabalik tayo sa kwento. Napagalitan ako kasi hindi ako natulog sa bahay. Bilang only child, natural na sa magulang ang maging overprotective. Partida, 22 na ako. Pero siyempre, iginagalang ko ang pagiging istrikto nila kahit mas malimit akong pasaway. Yun lang, nabengbang ako kasi sa bahay ako ng boyfriend ko natulog. Bembang talaga to the max.

Hindi naman ako kinagalitan tulad ng pagalit sa akin noong ako’y highschool pa. Malumanay naman sila sa pagkausap sa akin. Ngunit hindi ko matanggap ang mga punto nila. Napaisip ako ng malalim. At ngayon sadyang kailangan ko lamang ilabas ang produkto ng pag-iisip kong iyon.


Serbis: An independent film by Brillante Mendoza

Posted in editoryal by cruela de vil on March 27, 2011

Serbis is a film about men who offers sexual services to gays in an old movie house (Family) in an unknown Philippine city. But I am guessing the setting is in Pampanga as depicted through the characters’ native tongue dialect spoken in certain scenes. “It has been invited to the official competition of the 61st Cannes Festival in France and was regarded as the most controversial in Cannes for the year 2008” (source: http://en.wikipilipinas.org/index.php?title=Serbis_(film)).

Film cast includes two of Philippines’ premier actresses, Ms. Jacklyn Jose and Ms. Gina Pareño. They are joined by then rising star and RP’s prince of indie films, Coco Martin. The cast also includes Dan Alvaro, Mercedes Cabral, Julio Diaz, Kristoffer King, Bobby Jerome Go, and Roxanne Jordan.

Setting aside its graphic and bold illustrations, Serbis’ plot focuses on a rural family (Pineda family) who runs a prostitute service in the guise of a movie house. The theater shows dated sexy double-feature films (aka bomba films). The building also serves as the family’s residence. Nanay Flor (Pareño), who is also the matriarch of the family, owns the movie house. The family members are her employees.

Daughter Nayda (Jose), her husband, Lando (Diaz), and adopted daughter, Jewel manage the ticket booth and the canteen. Alan and Ronald (Flor’s nephews) serve as the projectionist and billboard painter.


It’s a Bitch’s World

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In the medieval times, well even during the pre-contemporary times, the world has been cruel to women. The other half of the population is suppressed. We weren’t allowed to vote. We weren’t allowed to have proper education. Women were not allowed to intellectual knowledge. We weren’t allowed to speak our minds. The huMAN race restricted and limited the women into being baby makers and housekeepers.

Today, Femme Fetale works her way up the ladder. Whether it’s political or corporate, Eve has proved her capabilities to Adam. We are still not egalitarian though. But still, female empowerment is something that should not be overlooked.

Going Gaga

Women today are going gaga. The used to be “stay-at-home mom/daughter/sister” has transformed into a woman obsessed with a web of complicacies, intrigues and desires.

Based on my personal encounter with women everyday, and of course I am not leaving myself out of these observations, I find the female gender a bit more complicated and stressful than men. I mean seriously, women constantly think about how they are being perceived by other people. If vanity is the right term, vanity has indeed taken its toll on today’s women. Or maybe that’s just an observation I’ve noticed from my demographic?